Ways to use our honey sachets

Our snap sachet offers a cleaner alternative to sticky utensils, messy honeypots and other containers. It’s quirky action invites a sense of playfulness.

Coffee Shops & Restaurants

• No more sticky crystallized honey jars
• No waste, no money loss
• Portion control limits customer usage
• Great take away product
• Hygenic, no more sticky fingers


• Great ad on in your rooms with rooibos tea sachets in the rooms
• Great for breakfast tables
• Saves cost, portion control
• Clean and neat
• Easy  snap to open
• Hygienic
• No more sticky crystallized honey jars

Schools & Homes

• Great healthy sugar replacement
• Great for school lunch boxes, one honey a day keeps the doctor away. (box lasts 3 months)
• Fights allergies
• Boost/support healthy immune system
• Great energy boost for sports
• Helps with sore throats/flem/wounds
• Great for flu
• Anti inflammatory/ageing/bacterial
• Great easy to open hygienic sachet


• Use only one hand to snap open while exercising
• Healthy energy boost replacement
• Fast release of energy source to the body.
• Steady energy release that lasts longer
• Honey is the latest energy source for all sports